What to do or not do to prevent dialysis

Kidneys are bean shaped organs responsible for filtration and formation of urine where it removes harmful waste from the body like urea , creatinine , excess sodium and water this way it maintains fluid and  electrolyte balance in the body . It also helps in regulating blood p H ,maintaining blood pressure and absorb important components back into blood.

The functional unit  in kidneys are nephrons that are million in number in each kidney and filtration of all waste products takes place at glomerula of nephron and this filtration rate is regulated by blood pressure and hormones.  So GFR (gloremular filtration rate ) in normal person is 90-120 ml/ min , after  the filtration in tubules of nephron all important components required for the body are reabsorbed and this way urine is formed and is then passed out the body via urethra .

Kidney failure is the condition in which there is progressive loss in kidney nephron functions which then results in rise of urea and creatinine levels in blood . These toxic substances are harmful for the human body as they disturb blood p H , electrolyte balance and blood pressure .




Acute kidney failure is characterized by progressive decline in GFR and rise in blood urea and creatinine level over hours to days.

This condition is usually asymptomatic and patient comes to know this after blood chemistry investigation.


  • Severe dehydration
  • Low blood pressure
  • Haemorrhage
  • Diabetes
  • Due to ACE inhibitors medication
  • Diuretics
  • NSAIDs

Kidney  functions are re-established easily in case of acute kidney failure if damage to kidney is not so severe .But in case if acute condition is prolonged and not treated on time then it will cause death of the patient.


Chronic kidney disease is a spectrum of different pathologies associated with abnormal kidney functions and progressive decline in GFR.

Stages of CKD

There are 5 stages of CKD

CKD1  – when GFR is more than 90ml /min , kidneys function normally , however symptoms like oedema and hypertension may present.

CKD2 – when GFR is 60-89 ml/min , kidney functions are mildly disturbed , symptoms like oedema , hypertension appears as well and also it can cause other complications like acidosis.

CKD3 – when GFR is 30-59ml/min , kidney functions are moderately reduces and vital organs are affected.

CKD4 – when GFR is 15-29 ml /min ,kidney functions are severly affected and it start extending towards end- stage .

CKD5 – when GFR is less than 15 ml/min , kidneys are completely damage , this stage is called as end-renal stage of CKD where the accumulation of toxins , fluids and electrolytes normally excreted by kidneys results in uremic syndrome . this stage leads to death unless toxins are removed by renal replacement therapy called dialysis.


  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Severe dehydration
  • Severe blood loss
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Nephritis
  • Obesity
  • Taking nephrotoxic drugs
  • Urinary tract obstruction
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Tumor

Normally all kidney patients are put on dialysis as they have no other option to survive and after several dialysis they reach up to the state where they are only left with kidney transplant option .


It is called renal replacement therapy by which excess water , solutes ,toxins are removed from the blood in people whose kidneys are failed to perform this function naturally , so it is an artificial method of blood cleansing .

Most of the patients don’t want to go for this therapy and they look for other ways to prevent it.

Now the question comes ,is there any way to prevent dialysis naturally ? then the answer is yes , ayurveda is the only way by which we can prevent dialysis and can make kidneys healthy enough to perform its function naturally.

Natural ways to prevent dialysis


First step to prevent dialysis is to stop and avoid the etiological factors such as limiting alcohol , managing blood pressure and diabetes .

Dietary methods to prevent dialysis

  • Limit refined sugars
  • Start using jaggery and honey
  • Use rock salt in food making
  • Limit water intake , only drink one litre per day in order to avoid fluid accumulation in body
  • Consume cereals such as whole grains , white rice , vermicelli , semolina
  • Eat fruits like apple ,papaya , guava , pear .
  • Consume veggies such as carrot , turnip , cabbage , cauliflower ,bitter gourd , onion , ginger , broccoli , bottle gourd , radish , lettuce and boiled potatoes.
  • Consume pulses such as moong daal (yellow lentils) .
  • Use spices such as fenugreek , cinnamon , cumin seeds , turmeric ,black pepper in food preperation
  • Use cow ghee , olive oil in food making
  • drink just half cup of milk not more than that , keep in mind milk should be low in fat.
  • Drink green tea , or herbal tea

Life style changes required to prevent dialysis

  • maintain sugar levels
  • do regular yoga and pranyama (breathing exercise) , it will help in lowering blood pressure and maintain blood sugar levels .
  • go for regular walk
  • do not suppress natural urges
  • sleep on time and wake up on time

What not to do

Diet to avoid

  • do not use refined sugars
  • avoid using salt in excess try to limit it
  • limit caffeine(tea ,coffee) intake in excess
  • do not consume cereals such as white flour ,brown rice
  • avoid fruits rich in water content such as coconut , watermelon . also avoid citrus fruits like kiwi , orange , lemon .
  • avoid banana , dates avocado and pineapple
  • strictly avoid green leafy vegetables such as spinach ,fenugreek leaves (methi)  tomato ,asparagus , mushroom , raw salad , eggplant , sweet potatoes and frozen veggies
  • do not use spices such as red chillies , green chillies  , garam masala in food
  • do not eat junk food and preservative laden food
  • avoid protein rich beans , cheese , fat laden milk.

Life style to avoid

  • avoid consuming antibiotics , painkiller without any need
  • limit alcohol
  • abstain smoking
  • avoid night awakening
  • do not suppress natural urination urge.


Ayurveda is nectar for the kidney , there are abundant of herbs available that can rejuvenate damaged nephrons , these herbs have wonderful capacity to heal body on its own by boosting up immunity and there will be no need for undergoing dialysis if proper and right herbal treatment is given to the patients. Some of the herbs are mentioned below

  • PUNARNAVA (Boerrhaevia diffusa ) – it is one the very basic drug with wonderful actions  , used widely in kidney disorders effectively , it has anti-inflammatory property , it contains punarnavoside glycoside which is found to be very effective in protecting kidneys against many disease having rejuvenation power . Helps in managing blood pressure , reducing protein high content in urine , and is diuretic in nature.
  • GOKSHURA – it is effective in lowering blood sugar levels .also act as mild diuretic effective in urinary tract infections and kidney stones . gokshur also has anti-inflammatory action and so prevent glomerulonephritis, and helps in maintaining GFR.
  • HARITAKI –it helps in improving appetite , immunity , has anti –diabetic and anti-inflammatory actions .it has rejuvenating capacity , reduce oxidative stress and assist in re-establishing  normal kidney function.
  • NEEM – it helps in purifying blood , has anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic action. Effective in diabetic patients , reduces kidney damage and helps in reducing toxic compounds like creatinine and blood urea levels , prevent damage to the kidneys.

We at ayurvedayogashram provide best herbal medicine for the treatment of chronic kidney disease with experience of 25 years our doctors have made combination of all those herbs that are showing mystical results in managing kidney failure and preventing kidney from going on dialysis.

Points we focus on  when we give treatment

  • We have combination of all those amazing herbs that helps in lowering blood urea and creatinine level.
  • We have included medicines that has immune boosting properties , we focus on increasing our patients immunity.
  • We focus on the root cause of the disease and provide herbal medications according to the need of our patient.
  • Our all medicines are approved by government of India
  • Our medicines are properly sealed and information of every ingredient is mentioned on its label .
  • We assure 100% safety and results.

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