Migraine Treatment With Ayurveda

Migraine is a chronic neurovascular disease associated with severe headache , nausea , vomiting comprised with sensitivity to sound and light that is phonophobia and photophobia respectively.
It majorly affects half region of head so referred as ardhavabhedaka in ayurveda

Due to change in era where lifestyle of people is so stressful that it has become so common among people now a days

Causes – major causes are known but environmental and heredity are suspected to play major role in its manifestation

Few triggering factors responsible for it
1 low blood sugar
2. Head trauma
5.lack of sleep
6. Exposure to sun
7. Spicy ,hot food triggers pain
9.hormonal changes

As per Ayurveda vata ,pitta and kapha imbalance is responsible for its manifestation

Vata imbalance occurs due to excessive stress , exposure to cold environment , excessive physical workout , consuming dry,cold and Raw food items .

Kapha imbalance occurs due to depression , lack of activity .

Pitta imbalance occurs due to anxiety, spicy and hot food intake , exposure to heat or sun for longer duration .

Symptoms of migraine

Symptoms of migraine appears in following phases –

1. Prodrome– yawning , lethargy, excitation, depressive mood and loss of taste for 15 to 20 minutes

2. Aura – flashing of lights , difficulty in focusing lasts for 15-20 minutes

3. Headache comprised with nausea , tinnitus , photophobia. Vomiting lasts for 4 – 72 hours

4. Post drome- severe exhaustion and fatigue.

Other symptoms found are
Mood alterations
Excessive irritability
Diarrhea or constipation

As per Ayurveda

Symptoms associated with vata imbalance –
Dry skin
Extreme pain

Symptoms associated with kapha imbalance
Dull headache
Heaviness in head region

Symptoms associated with pitta imbalance
Pitta is mainly involved in migraine so mainly throbbing pain , redness in eyes , unable to tolerate heat are the symptoms


Pathology of migraine –
Migraine generator connects to nerve pathways between brain and skull that is meninges

These pathways. Encircles blood vessels of meninges

These vessels dilate and releases inflammatory chemicals causing pain

Similarly in Ayurveda pitta aggravating factors leads to dilation of blood vessels and causing throbbing pain. Leads to ardhavbhedhak type of shirashoola

How to manage it with Ayurveda

Diet modification –
-Plenty of water
– fresh organic fruits and veggies
– sweet ripe fruits
– coriander , mint ,coconut ,pomegranate are beneficial
-avoid cities , astringent ,bitter , sour salty food items
– drink milk separately not with any other food items

Lifestyle modification

– proper sleep
-mediation and yoga
– breathing exercise
– avoid exposure to triggering factors
– quit smoking

How Ayurvedayogashram helps you

Ayurveda is blessed with bunch of herbs that having wonderful action on patients with migraine
It not only gives symptomatic relief but also helps in curing it from root cause
The formulation is made of all those mystical herbs such as brahmi , jyotishmati, shankpushpi , mukta pishti etc,

All these herbs are effective in treating migraine and also strengthens your nervous system

All medicines are purely herbal and 100% safe with no side effects at all

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