Home Remedies For IBS


Inflammatory bowel syndrome is not merely a disease associated with gastric factors but also with psychological factors
As the word explains itself inflammation of bowel takes place in IBS
Associated with recurrent diarrhea ,constipation and pain in abdomen

It is a chronic disease and so requires long term management also known as spastic colon , or mucus colitis

As per the reports it is found more common in females and compared to males due to hormonal difference
Also it is more commonly found in people above age of 50 years but due to stressful lifestyle it is common among young generation too now

As per Ayurveda symptoms are closely related to grahani and so referred as grahani disease in ayurveda context.

Symptoms of IBS varies person to person . The symptoms could be somatic and psychological & most of the common symptoms found in IBS patient are the following

1 Abdominal Cramps
2 Diarrhea
3 Constipation
4 Heart Burn
5 Increase or Decrease in frequency of bowel
6 Stool could be watery , Mucoid , Constipated
7 Feeling of Nausea
8 Bloating after Evacuating
9 Lower back ache
10 Fatigue
11 Headache
12 Insomnia
13 PMS in females
14 Painful menstruation

the exact cause is not known but hypersensitivity of immune system and gut is suspected

Other factors responsible for IBS could be
– wrong food habits
-hormone imbalance
-genetic factor
-post GI infection


-Hot ,spicy food
– Heavy , fried food
-excessive tea or coffee.intake
– excessive intake of alcohol
– smoking
– certain medication
-citrus fruits
-dairy products


Ayurvedic point of view

It is referred as Grahani in ayurveda as symptoms are mostly correlated

Ayurveda specially emphasises more on digestive fire action

All metabolic activities depends on digestive fire
If digestive fire action reduces in our body it leads to various diseases
In which grahani is one of them

Grahani is associated with same symptoms as mentioned above

According to the involvement of dosha symptoms varies

Ginger tea honey lemon and mint leaves on wooden table.

Home remedies for IBS

As it is disease of digestive tract food becomes major part in improving health and then stress management becomes important

-Avoid dairy products
-Cut off citrus fruits from diet
-aloe Vera juice is quite effective in constipation and diarrhea , reduces inflammation pain and bloating
– ginger tea is also helpful in improving digestion , reducing inflammation
-fennel seeds water empty stomach in morning will improve digestion , eases pain , reduces inflammation
-buttermilk is good to consume
– regular yoga and meditation helps in reducing stress
– proper sleep
– avoid night awakening , suppressing urges
– avoid preservative laden food
– eat fresh fruits and vegetables
– avoid wheat intake instead have barley , broken rice , light food
– in pulses consume green and orange lentil instead of heavy grams

Following these remedies can definitely help in managing IBS

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