Diet For Migraine

Migraine Diet

Migraine is a disease of brain associated with headache , nausea and vomiting in such a way that daily routine of a person is disturbed

It becomes really important to manage it with lifestyle , diet modification along with medicines
One must understand the fact medicines won’t work until diet is followed

What u eat throughout your day puts major impact on your health and disease management

Diet to consume

– cereals such as oats , barley , brown rice , poha , semolina (sooji),broken wheat ( Dalia) has to be taken
– green lentil and yellow lentil to be consumed
– vegetables such as spinach , pumpkin , bottle gourd , ridge gourd , cauliflower , broccoli ,carrot , onion ,cucumber, ginger and turnip can be consumed
– juices to be consumed are carrot juice , pomegranate juice , aloe vara juice , bitter gourd juice
– egg white , boiled chicken , chicken soup can be consumed
-fats to be taken are cow ghee , olive oil , mustard oil
– fruits to consume – apple , papaya , pear ,pineapple , pomegranate, sapodilla, watermelon ,banana .
– spices to add are cumin,coriander, fennel ,turmeric, mint , limited salt .
– jaggery to be added as a sweetener

Die to avoid

-avoid wheat , white flour ,white rice
-chick peas ,soya beans , frozen pulses to be avoided
– vegetables such as okra , brinjal, tomatoes,mushrooms, jackfruit, peas, frozen vegetables to be avoided
-avoid preserved juices , fermented drinks
-red meat ,fish and sea food to be avoided
-also avoid frozen meat
-fats to avoid are saturated fats , butter , coconut oil
– fruits to avoid – grapes , oranges , canned fruits .
– spices not to add – red chillies , green chillies , any extra masala powder
– avoid tea and coffee in excess
– avoid alcohol
– carbonated drinks , baked food, fried food, preservative laden packets , ice creams to be strictly avoided

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