Colitis Diet Plan

Colitis is an inflammatory bowel syndrome which involves mucosa and sub mucosa of large intestine

Symptoms of Ulcerative colitis

1.bleeding and mucosa while passing stools
2.abdominal cramps
3.weight loss

As colitis is a disease of digestive tract so food plays major role in preventing colitis

“Ahara param aushdham”

This is most famous verse of ayurvedic text book which says food is the best medicine.

Without proper diet and food restrictions it is difficult to manage IBS with only medicines

So understanding of right food is necessary

Food rich in fat can trigger symptoms of colitis and can cause indigestion
Food rich in fiber can increase bowel movements and bloating
Food rich in spices can increase bleeding risk
And inflammation

Avoiding such food can be really helpful in controlling progression of disease and its symptoms

Proper diet plan for colitis

1.Cereals – wheat Flour , rice. Semolina, vermicelli , dalia to be consumed

Avoid white refined flour

2.Pulses – green lentil (moong dal) , red lentil (masoor dal ) are the good options to have

Avoid – black gram ( mash dal) , kidney beans ( rajmah) , chick peas ( chana dal)

3. Fruits – banana, apple, chikoo, pear, bilva fruit , pomegranate (anar)

Avoid – oranges , grapes , kiwi , pineapple, mangoes,guava

4. Veggies – pumpkin (kaddu), bottle gourd (gheeya), ridge gourd, round gourd ,potato, turnip

Avoid – garlic , onion , ginger , spinach ( palak) , sarson saag , tomato, brinjal ,okra (bhindi), cucumber , beans , broccoli , soya

5. Spices – fennel (saunf), cumin (jeera) , coriander (dhaniya) , mint ( pudina ) , black pepper ( kali mirch) , turmeric (haldi)

Avoid red chillies and green chillies , garam masala

6.Drinks – coconut water , carrot juice , pomegranate juice , buttermilk

Avoid alcohol , carbonated beverages , canned fruit juices , lime water , milk , coffee , tea , smoothie

7. Flesh food – egg white , chicken soup , grilled chicken , grilled fish occasionally

Avoid fried chicken , prawns , frozen meats , lobster , turkey , egg yolk , sausages , mutton , lamb , beef ,pork.

8. Fats – cow ghee , olive oil , rice bran oil , goat ghee

Avoid unsaturated fats , refined oils , coconut oil , sunflower oil , butter , falxseed oil and palm oil

Strictly avoid following items

All bakery food
Processed food items
Ice creams
Junk food
Avoid seeds such as flax seeds , pumpkin seeds , sesame seeds
Avoid peanuts
Avoid skipping meals

Strictly following this diet can easily help you to overcome IBS and reduce its symptoms

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