Colitis Cure Heal With Ayurveda

Ulcerative colitis is the disease of digestive tract which affects the innermost linning of large intestine colon

The word ulcerative colitis itself explains the disease where ulcerative means ulcers and colitis means inflammation of colon

Symptoms of Colitis

Symptoms of ulcerative colitis develop gradually rather than suddenly Depending on the severity of inflammation symptoms vary
Symptoms experienced by most of the patients are -:

1.diarrhea with mucus and blood
2.bleeding per anum
3.pain in abdomen
4.cramps in abdomen
5 weight loss
6.poor growth


Types of Colitis

On the site of presentation of ulcers they are of following types -:

1. Ulcerative proctitis
It is when inflammation is confined to anus only

2. Proctosigmoidtis
It is when inflammation involves rectum and sigmoid colon associated with diarrhea ,abdominal cramp , pain , tenesmus .

3. left sided colitis
It is when inflammation occurs from rectum up to descending portion of colon associated with abdominal cramp ,
diarrhea , pain in left side and urgency to defecate .

4. Pancolitis – when inflammation involves entire colon associated with bloody diarrhea , cramps , pain , fatigue , weigh loss


Causes of colitis

Exact cause of colitis is not known

Diet and stressful lifestyle are suspected in it’s manifestation

Hereditary factors also play role in manifestation


According to Ayurveda

Ulcerative colitis In ayurveda can be correlated with prvahika associated with atipruvratti of purisha that is repeated defecation , udarshoola (pain in abdomen), sticky and foamy stool (picchila purisha ) , blood mixed stool (raktayukta purisha) ,atidrava purisha (watery stool) .

Agni which is referred as digestive fire has several functions such as digestion , absorption of nutrients and food assimilation
Malfunction of this Agni leads to improper digestion causing accumulation of toxins called Ama in body

Ayurveda specifically focuses on right intake of food and healthy lifestyle
Regular intake of unhealthy food , poor lifestyle such as lack of exercise , lack of sleep , stress , smoking , alcohol intake , low immunity , diseases , poor digestion causes digestion related problems
Imbalance of vata dosha triggers ulcerative colitis

Remedies enhancing Agni , reducing Ama ( toxins) , purifying blood , healing ulcers , regulating bowel , balancing vata pitta , helps in managing with herbs


Diet and lifestyle modification

Diet to be followed should be pitta shamak , laghu , grahi , pathya  food

-Intake of less spicy , salty food Is good for gut
– intake of liquids such as coconut water , pomegranate juice , buttermilk and rice water is quite beneficial
– intake of fruits like banana , apple , pear , pomegranate.
-intake of light cereals ,pulses and vegetables

Diet to avoid
-spicy , sour salty food items
– high fiber diet should be avoided
– avoid liquids like alcohol , carbonated drinks , lime water , tea and coffee
– avoid fruits like oranges ,grapes , pineapple , kiwi ,mangoes.
-avoid veggies like spinach , mushroom, brinjal etc.

Lifestyle to be followed

Healthy lifestyle is must to follow for colitis patients as they are triggering factors

Proper sleep , lack of stress , regular exercises ,regular intake of meals , walk for 30 minutes , yoga and meditation are really helpful

Avoid skipping meals , eating junk and fried food items , sedentary lifestyle and stress

Treat with Ayurveda Yogashram

Herbs that helps in managing agni , Ama , bleeding , pain are quite helpful In managing this disease

We have the formulation available which helps in covering all the factors
It is the combination of herbs like kutaja , bilva , adraka, amra , anar, daruharidra etc which are helpful I’m reducing toxins , controlling diarrhea , bleeding and pain
It helps I’m balancing vata and pitta
Improves immunity and promote healing of ulcers .
Our ulcerative colitis kit include all these herbs and are 100% safe and natural approved by the government of India.

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