Can OCD Be Treated With Ayurveda

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a mind related disorder characterized by unreasonable fears or thoughts that lead to compulsive actions . These obsessions interfares with daily living .

The one who have OCD may try to control these obsessions but it only increases anxiety and ultimately again leads in the loop of compulsive actions
Many of them try to ignore or control but get into this vicious cycle of OCD.

In Ayurveda it can be consulted with Attatva abhinivesh . Attatva word stands for non existent and Abhinivesh stands for Stubborn behaviour

In this disease person believes in all factors which does not exist and is hard for them to except the truth.


Reason behind OCD is not clearly understood but diet and lifestyle plays and important role in manifestation of mental diseases

Few suspected reasons could be

1 Positive Family history
2 Stressful family environment
3 Trauma
4 Any disease history

Ayurveda explains Causes more clearly following the concept of doshas i.e Vat , Pitta & Kapha also Mansik doshas i.e Satva , Raj & Tam .


1 Intake of polluted food
2 Exessive intake of cold food
3 Exessive Grief
4 Stress
5 Jealousy
6 Depression
7 Fear
8 Suppression of Natural urges
9 Improper sleeping pattern
10 Dissatisfaction

The Causative factors leads to aggravation of Vat dosha mean a while the individual with lower satva i.e mental ability vitiates Rajas & Tamas dosha which leads to confusion and person loses to recognise between good or bad . It leads to instability , loss of satisfaction , fear and when this condition persists for longer period , leads to manifestation of obsessive complusive disorder.

Symptoms of OCD
Symptoms varies person to person
The common thing found is obsession regarding something and compulsive actions which increases their restlessness , stress affecting their daily life routine

Symptoms noticed in Almost All OCD patients
1. Repetitive thoughts and actions
2. Anxiety
3. Unable to concentrate
4. Unable to sleep
5. Anger outburst
6. Mood swings
7. Lacking in confidence
8. Frequent hedaches
9. Frequent urination
10. Uneasiness
11. Vitamin D deficiency

How Ayurveda Manages This

1 Ayurveda chooses lines of treatment where first of all causative factors are avoided called Nidana parivarjana .

2 Healthy diet is the second most key factor to manage OCD

3 Assurance and education is important to build confidence in OCD

4 Stress management by meditation , yoga , Pranayama plays important role in OCD management .

5. Purification by panchromatic and herbal medication are quit helpful in treating it from root .

Following this line of treatment one can easily manage OCD without depending on any allopathic drugs having so many side effects and withdraw symptoms

Diet Management of OCD

1 Eat fresh home prepared food and avoid preservative laden food stuffs .

2 Avoid spicy salty fried food items .

3 Regular intake of 1 Tsp of cow ghee in every meal .

4 Avoid Carbonated beverages , Tea and coffee , Instead consume Herbal tea , Coconut water & Fresh fruit juices

5 Completly avoid junk food and baked food

Lifestyle management of OCD

1 Avoid stressfull conditions , Manage it with regular meditation at bed time .

2 Go for regular morning walk and exercise daily

3 Do not suppress your natural urges .

4 Full body Abhayanga should be done to reduce stress

5 Avoid Night awakening or food cravings .

6 Do breathing exercises such as Anuloma Viloma , Nadi shodhana , kapalbhati etc to manage stress .

Purification methods

This includes Panchakarma procedures i.e Vaman , Virechana , Basti , Nasya and Raktamokshana by accessing the strength of patient , these procedures are done also to manage OCD and stress external panchakarma procedures such as Shirodhara., Shirobasti with medicated oils are done to calm mind

Medicines To Manage OCD

Their are n number of herbs helps in strengthening and calming mind in nature by combining all together we have made a combination that cures OCD easily .

The formulations made are 100% herbal having no sideeffects approved by the Govt. of India

With the experience of 23 years we have managed many patients effectively with our OCD KIT

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